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Qidong announces top 10 public works projects for 2021


Updated: 2021-01-22

Officials of Qidong – a county level city administered by Nantong in East China's Jiangsu province – announced 10 major public works projects for 2021 during the fifth session of the 17th Qidong Municipal People's Congress which opened on Jan 13.

The projects are as follows:

1. Primary medical, health facilities

Nursing homes that provide medical services at community health centers in Hezuo town will be renovated. Five dilapidated medical institutions – in Huihe, Juexin, Shaozhi, Qintan and Maojiagang towns – will also be renovated, while remote electrocardiograph centers and regional imaging centers of public medical institutions will be installed in the region administered by the city, with service scope covering the whole city.

2. Expansion of education resources supply

Construction will begin on the new urban district branch of the Experimental Primary School, the Huilong Primary School Xuehua Branch (Phase II) and the new campus of the Children's Palace.

3. Upgrading of civic services

A new civic industry services center will be built; 10 public toilets in the urban area will be upgraded; a truck parking lot will be added in Chengbei village in Huilong town; while a project using gas pipelines to transport natural gas from West to East China will be rolled out.

4. Environmental improvement

A smart environmental improvement project will be undertaken, with a video conference system for a smart environmental protection cloud platform and a video monitoring system aimed at key pollutant discharging companies. Some 300 kilometers of rain and sewage pipeline network will be examined and repaired; 12 kilometers of drainage pipes will be renovated to enable separation of rain and sewage water; 60 kilometers of water supply pipeline will be repaired; while domestic sewage will be provided for 10,000 remote rural households.

5. Reconstruction, upgrading of old communities

Twenty old communities will be renovated in two stages; also being renovated are 20 sports facilities in old communities and towns and villages; gas meters in 800 households in 12 old communities will be refitted.

6. Rural traffic infrastructure

Thirty kilometers of rural roads will be upgraded; 30 unsafe bridges will be reconstructed; security facilities will be added or strengthened along 50 kilometers of rural road; environmental improvements will be carried out along 100 kilometers of road.

7. Medical care service improvements

Access to free health check-ups will be expanded, so people aged 63 and 64, as well as those who are older can also enjoy the service. Beneficiaries will also include those who have lost a single child, low-income groups and patients with severe mental disorders; senior citizen-friendly renovations are planned for 450 households.

8. Road upgrading

The 433 Provincial Highway (the section from Lyujiu Second Bridge to Line 336) will undergo sidewalk reconstruction; three new roads will be built and four allies will be upgraded.

9. Resettlement housing construction

Construction of resettlement houses will begin at Taijiao Phase VI, Shiqing Village Resettlement Area (First Bid) and Hexing Town Village Resettlement Area (East Area).

10. Fire safety boost

Eight fire stations will be built, including three grade I stations in Qilong town, Lyusi Port town and the Qidong Economic Development Zone; two small fire stations will be added in Donghai and Nanyang towns.