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Top 10 public works projects planned by Tongzhou for 2021

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2021-01-20

During the fifth session of the 16th Tongzhou District People's Congress held on Jan 12, officials from the district in Nantong city in East China's Jiangsu province confirmed 10 public works projects for 2021. The projects are as follows:

1. Gusha Primary School

The proposed Gusha Primary School will cover an area of about 4.4 hectares. It will have a construction area of 32,000 square meters and 48 classes (eight classes for each grade).

2. Campus safety improvements

Primary and secondary school buildings with hidden safety hazards, as well as other facilities and equipment with potential dangers will undergo renovations.

3. Free pneumonia vaccination for elderly

Some 15 percent of the registered population aged 65 to 85, that is 31,010 senior citizens, will be vaccinated at no charge with the pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine.

4. Pre-hospital emergency medical service

The district's command center dispatching system will be upgraded and scaled up, along with measures to digitalize pre-hospital emergency medical records. Ten ambulances will be updated and further equipped with 19 sets of on-board ECG monitoring defibrillators, electrocardiographs and on-board monitoring equipment.

5. Home care services expansion

Door-to-door services such as mobility and cleaning assistance will be provided for 47,575 elderly people at home; with the number increasing by 19,802 people.

6. River improvements

Renovations are planned for 17.96 kilometers of Grade-III rivers, 76.9 km of Grade-IV rivers and 191 rural ditches and ponds.

7. Road and bridge renovations

A major overhaul is planned for the 2.1-kilometer Si'an town section and the 2.4-km Xingren town section of the Yangxing Line, which connects Yangkou town in Rudong county and Xingren town in Tongzhou district. The rain and sewage diversion system will be improved for a 1.03-km section of West Xinjin Road, which starts from Wuyi River and runs to Jianshe Road. The Yingxiong Bridge in Liuqiao town will be reconstructed, in accordance with its original height and width as it is considered unsafe for use. Daqing Bridge will be repaired and renovated.

8. Domestic sewage treatment

Domestic sewage treatment will be carried out for 10,000 outlying rural households.

9. Parking management

Two thousand parking spaces will be planned for the main urban area. The Fu'erhao section of North Jiaotong Road, the Nonggongshang section of Weimin Road, the Zhonghang section of Yinhe Road and others will undergo renovations of their sidewalks for visually impaired people. Elsewhere, 150 monitoring machines will be installed to detect illegal parking at Xinggen and Xingyuan, Bihua and Zhaoxia roads.

10. Medical security service

Plans are for 193 village clinics in the district to install 386 cameras. Four computers and four scanners will be purchased to speed up smart operations at the district-level medical insurance service windows. A public service platform will be established to provide medical insurance management for 739 hospitals, pharmacies and village clinics.