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10 measures to prevent spread of COVID-19 during festival

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2021-01-13

The Nantong department of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control released 10 measures on Jan 8 to help prevent and control the spread of the novel coronavirus in winter and spring.

1. People in Nantong must abide by all national, provincial, and municipal regulations on epidemic prevention and control. Anyone who breaks the rules will be punished accordingly.

2. People coming from medium or high-risk areas, inbound travelers, and close contacts of confirmed or suspected cases must report to their community and employers in advance and undergo strict "14+7+7" medical observation, which refers to 14 days of concentrated medical observation, 7 days of quarantine at home, and 7 days of health monitoring.

3. Those experiencing fever or cough must visit the nearest fever clinic as soon as possible. Purchase of antipyretic or cough drugs at retail pharmacies requires real-name registration.

4. People must wear masks and have their temperatures and health QR codes checked before entering railway stations, bus stations, airports, passenger ports, hotels, restaurants, public baths, theaters, museums, internet cafes, scenic areas, and other entertainment facilities.

5. People are encouraged to remain in Jiangsu province for Spring Festival to reduce the possibility of being infected with the virus. Those who must travel outside the province must take strict protective measures. People are not allowed to travel overseas or to medium and high-risk areas.

6. People are advised not to attend unnecessary gatherings or pay New Year calls during the festival. They should wash their hands frequently, keep their houses ventilated, maintain a distance of one meter from others, carry masks and disinfectant when going out, and use serving chopsticks and spoons.

7. People are required to present their ID cards and phone numbers when buying imported cold-chain foods. They are not allowed to buy commodities from medium and high-risk areas or overseas. People are advised to take preventative measures when receiving express packages and touching imported cold-chain foods.

8. Neither private nor public vehicles are allowed to transport people who are still under medical observation without permission.

9. Party members, cadres, NPC deputies, and members of the CPPCC must take the lead in implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, setting a good example for families and neighbors.

10. People must not start, believe, or spread rumors. Those who disturb epidemic prevention and control work will be held responsible and punished.