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One more provincial agricultural technology innovation alliance added in Nantong


Updated: 2020-11-20

According to the Nantong science and technology bureau and local media reports of Nov 19 the Jiangsu provincial department of science and technology has released the list of the sixth group of provincial agricultural industry technology innovation strategic alliances. The Jiangsu Four Green Crops Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance from Qidong is among those listed.

So far, Nantong has had 12 provincial agricultural industry technology innovation strategic alliances.

The four green crops technology innovation alliance has 22 members, including enterprises, universities and institutes. Qidong Suhu Modern Agricultural Development Co Ltd is the chairman unit of the alliance. The company is also a main construction unit of the Qidong modern agricultural industry demonstration park.

With a planned area of 3,580 hectares for four green crops, the park will build an agricultural product testing center, a straw recycling center, a big data platform and other modern projects.

Jiangsu province is the main production area of four green crops – green broad beans, green corn, green edamame, green peas. About 50 percent of the crops in the province are exported to nations such as Japan and South Korea. At present, the technologies of the domestic four-green crop industry in planting and mechanized operations are still far from advanced foreign technologies.

In the future, the alliance will integrate research and development capabilities, push strongly for industry-university-research integration and promote the research and application of key technologies to comprehensively upgrade the industry.