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Rudong to build tourist complex


Updated: 2020-05-13

The signing ceremony for the construction of a tourist complex was held at Xiaoyangkou tourist resort in Rudong county, Nantong on May 10. This is the first deal for a key project to be signed since the tourist resort was honored as the "home of hot springs" in 2019.

The complex is expected to receive 4 billion yuan ($564.14 million) in investment from Dinou Group, a company specializing in cultural and tourist development, and will start construction in July. 

It will consist of facilities for aerospace education, hot springs, performances, catering, films, and nature.

The aerospace experience and education pavilions are expected to be one of the best in China, and students will be able to attend courses developed with the help of China Aerospace Science and Technology.

Visitors can enjoy unique hot springs at four different temperatures at the hot spring center, as well as various performances to be held at both indoor performance centers and the outdoor square.

Seafood and beer will be provided at the German Beer Town, while the French Cannes Town will revolve around films, allowing visitors to experience a variety of cultures.

Family activities will also be available in the complex and visitors will be able to enjoy nature as well.

The complex is expected to receive over 1 million visitors per year after it finishes construction.


A rendering of the tourist complex at the Xiaoyangkou tourist resort in Rudong county, Nantong [Photo/WeChat account: dream8086]