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Rudong develops intelligent system for environmental protection


Updated: 2020-04-23

The bureau of ecological environment of Rudong county, Nantong has established an improved intelligent management system for environmental protection that makes use of modern technology such as big data and cloud computing.

The intelligent system can monitor local sources of pollution in real time, record basic information about the pollution discharge permits of local enterprises, and collect data about the local environment.

According to officials at the county's bureau of ecological environment, the system will help spread information across a variety of platforms and tighten supervision.

To date, a total of 206 monitoring devices for pollution sources have been installed at 171 local enterprises, and 15 enterprises have been being used as testing grounds for video monitoring. The monitoring system also covers 108 local chemical enterprises who handle hazardous gases and volatile organic compounds.

Moving forward, local bureau of ecological environment plans to further improve the system through the use of big data in an effort to better regulate pollution and ensure a healthy environment.