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Updated: 2020-04-20

Haimen district in Nantong, Jiangsu province is set by the Huanghai Sea on the east, faces Japan and South Korea across the sea, and is only 400 nautical miles away from such international key ports as Nagasaki and Busan. It is on the banks of the Yangtze River on the south and is recognized as the gateway to the river and seas.

Shanghai lies only 60 kilometers away. Haimen is the first bridgehead along the north wing of Shanghai in the Yangtze Delta region, and is in a significant pivotal position to connect the south with the north. More than 20 modern cities such as Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuxi are within 200 kilometers of Haimen.

The city has flat terrain, a network of ditches and rivers, and an average surface elevation of 4.96 meters (based on the abandoned Yellow River as a bench mark). The terrain rises slightly in the northwest, and lies a little low in the southeast. Its south-north cross-section is in the shape of an arc, low on two sides and high in the middle. Haimen has a land area of 1,148.77 square kilometers, three streets, nine towns, 231 villagers' committees and 63 neighborhood committees.

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