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Special offers at Nantong hotels

en.nantong.gov.cn Updated: 2020-04-09

1. Nantong Garden Guobin Hotel

Add: No 1 Shanshui Road, Chongchuan district, Nantong

E-mail: reservation@189.cn

Preferential policies: 588 yuan ($83.26) for a standard room 

Duration: Until the end of May, except public holidays

Available to: Tourists from Jiangsu province

2. Jinglan Tangzha Impression Hotel

Add: No 366 Hedong Road, Gangzha district, Nantong

Tel: (+86) 0513- 8523 6666

Preferential policies: 299 yuan for a standard room or special-styled room with free double breakfasts, free admission to Tangzha Impression Museum, Siyuan Boyuan, Family Traditions Museum of Zhang Jian and Nantong Family Names Cultural Museum, as well as a gift package valued at 218 yuan,

Duration: Pre-selling started on March 30 and will end on April 30. The expiry date is Dec 31, 2020.

Available to: Anyone who books online

Note: An extra 180 yuan will be required for each room during the May Day holiday (April 30 to May 4), Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday (Sept 30 to Oct 6).

Children under 1.2 meter will receive a free children's breakfast. Those between 1.2 m and 1.4 m will receive a 50 percent breakfast discount (29 yuan). Those above 1.4 m must pay the full breakfast price (58 yuan). 

3. Holiday Inn Nantong Oasis International

Add: No 199 North Street, Gangzha district, Nantong

Tel: (+86) 0513-68588888

Preferential policies:

(1) 380 yuan for a single or double room with free double breakfast

Duration: Until Dec 31, 2020, except public holidays

Available to: Tour groups (or tourists who book more than 10 rooms)

(2) 728 yuan for one room for two consecutive days

Duration: Until Dec 31, 2020, except public holidays

Available to: Self-driving tourists

(3) 128 yuan per person for a buffet at the hotel's western style restaurant

Duration: Until June 30, except public holidays

Available to: All customers 

(4) Buy 2.5 kilograms of crawfish get 0.5 kg free

Duration: Until June 30

Available to: All customers