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190 Nantong companies obtain AEO certificates

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2020-01-22


AEO certificates obtained by Nantong-based companies [Photo/ntjoy.com]

A total of 26 Nantong-based companies, including IKEA Industry Nantong and China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co, recently obtained AEO certifications.

To date, the city is home to 190 AEO certification holders, including 20 with advanced certificates and 170 with general certificates.

AEO stands for "authorized economic operator". The system was created by the World Customs Organization to strengthen international supply chain security and enhance international trade efficiency.

The system allows customs departments from different regions to form partnerships and reduce customs barriers, such as inspection and clearance procedures, for local companies who hold the certificates. It greatly reduces port, insurance, and logistics costs for companies and enhances their competitiveness.

China has signed more AEO agreements than any other country, and among the 42 countries and regions holding AEO agreements with China, 18 are involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.