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Nantong welcomes sausage-making season

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2019-11-11

For many Nantong locals, winter is the best season to make sausages.

Due to the cold, sausages can be hung outdoors without going rotten, and their red color contributes to the festive atmosphere as Spring Festival approaches.

"We currently use 500 kilograms of fresh pork every day, and this will increase to 1,000 kg by the end of the year," said Hua Jianhua, who owns a sausage workshop.

When asked what makes sausage taste good, Hua said there is no secret other than using the right ingredients.

"We only use the meat on the forelegs, and the amount of baijiu (white spirits), salt, sugar, aginomoto, scallions, and ginger should be just right," he stressed.

Hua's sausages have proved popular among customers, and he is currently supplying them to more than 20 local hotels. The sausage is also sold in Beijing and countries such as Russia, Singapore, Japan, and the United States.


Thousands of sausages are hung outside to dry. [Photo/ntjoy.com]


Workers are busy making sausages at Hua Jianhua's workshop in Nantong. [Photo/ntjoy.com]