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Chongchuan forms partnership with Oosterhout


Updated: 2019-11-05

Chongchuan district, Nantong, Jiangsu province signed a memorandum of understanding with Oosterhout, Netherlands on Nov 1, giving Chongchuan its first partner city in Europe.

Oosterhout is a modern city boasting advanced technology, a solid industrial foundation, and high-quality education. Cooperation in finance, culture, and education is expected to benefit both sides.

Representatives from Oosterhout said that Chongchuan is impressive due to its beautiful environment, prosperous economy, and pleasant climate. The partnership between Oosterhout and Chongchuan district comes despite a long geographical distance between the two places.

In the future, Chongchuan plans to establish a docking mechanism to boost cooperation in various fields and promote mutual visits and talent exchanges between the two sides.