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Haimen company sees breakthrough in curved panel robot

Updated: 2019-05-09

A project on complex curved wall structure friction stir welding robot technology and systems carried out by Nantong Zhenkang Welding Electromachinery Co was listed among key "smart robot" projects in the national key research and development plan, according to the science and technology bureau of Haimen.

The project was jointly undertaken by Nantong Zhenkang Welding Electromachinery Co, Googol Tech, and Beijing University of Technology. It received a budget of 13.7 million yuan ($2.02 million) from the central government.

During the three-year project period, the company focused on key technologies such as core component design, dynamic control, and the external auxiliary sensing and control of complex curved wall slab robot friction stir welding systems. It also developed intelligent technology for complex curved wall slab structures. A domestic highly-accessible robot friction stir welding system with a highly intelligent working level was developed for the complex curved wall panel structure, which facilitates the widespread application of the domestic intelligent friction stir welding robot.

The project was divided into five main tasks. As the project leader, Nantong Zhenkang Welding Electromachinery Co focused on manufacturing technology for high-rigidity and heavy-duty robots, as well as designs for joints and yaw forces for double RV reducers.

Nantong Zhenkang Welding Electromachinery Co is a company based in Zhengyu town, Haimen. As a representative of the domestic industrial robot industry, the company has been focusing on the development and production of industrial robots and core components for nearly a decade. It commands a domestic market share of over 70 percent, and its core R&D capabilities and production technology are among the best in the world. It has been recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The company has succeeded in its goal of transforming itself from a producer of core components to a developer and promoter of industrial and construction robots. It has successfully created an entire industrial chain integrating robot development, production, testing, and applications.


An industrial robot [Photo/Haimen Daily]