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Xiaoyangkou wind power operation area nears completion

Updated: 2019-04-25


An aerial view of the Xiaoyangkou wind power operation area [Photo by Zhu Yuye/Rudong Daily]

Workers have been busy at the Xiaoyangkou wind Power operation area in Rudong county, Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province recently.

The reloading center in the area is a supporting facility of the Xiaoyangkou wind power port.

Launched in the beginning of 2017, construction is now entering its final stages. It is scheduled to finish in May.

With a planned area of 8,000 mu (533 hectares), the Xiaoyangkou wind power operation area consists of a number of areas reserved for wind power equipment and supporting services. It will also assist in the transportation of bulk cargo.

The area is expected to make assembling and transporting wind power equipment easier, helping save on transportation costs related to the construction of overseas wind farms.

With an increasing number of wind power companies setting up operations in Rudong, the area will strive to become the largest multifunctional platform in eastern China for assembling, transporting, maintaining, and conducting research on wind power equipment.