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City officials urge to promote rural revitalization

Updated: 2019-04-11

Chen Bengao, deputy chairman of the Nantong municipal committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), urged to make great efforts to promote rural revitalization during his inspection tour to Tongzou district on April 9.

Chen, along with his delegation, conducted a special research on the topic of “strengthening development of economically weak villages and promoting the implementation of the strategy for revitalizing rural areas.”

In recent years, Tongzhou district has spared no effort to improve the quality of agricultural development and deepen rural reform and innovation.

The delegation with Chen as the leader conducted some researches on the status quo of the development of the rural areas, as well as the policies made to improve agricultural service system in Tongzhou district.

The delegation went to Shizong town to learn about the rope of its agricultural development. Besides, the delegation also conducted researches in the villages of Yujiaba, Anxi and Cangnan.

Chen Yanmei, chairman of the CPPCC Tongzhou district, said the district CPPCC will carry out more research and consultation to contribute more to matters of common concern.

Chen fully affirmed the achievements that Tongzhou district has made in promoting the development of economically weak villages.

Chen expressed his hopes that Tongzhou can overcome weaknesses and promote rural development.