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Nantong opens water route to Yingkou

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2019-01-18


The first container vessel from Yingkou, Northeast China’s Liaoning province, berths at the Nantong Port in East China’s Jiangsu province on Jan 16, officially launching the new water route between central and northern China for container transport. The new route is expected to save half the transportation time and reduce the journey cost from Nantong and cities on the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River to coastal cities in North China. [Photo/nyjoy.com]


The first container vessel from Yingkou berths at the Nantong Port on Jan 16. The ship, 205.5 meters in length and 27.4 m in width, is operated by Shanghai PANASIA Shipping Co and will travel between the two cities every five days. [Photo/nyjoy.com]