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Local talent of Hai’an devoted to rural revitalization

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2018-08-02

Chu Chengping, chairman of Hai’an Xinyuan Group, was recently honored as a local “three-delivery” celebrity after expert evaluation by the organization departments of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee.

Chu has been leading his innovative team to establish various scientific research platforms, including a post-doctoral scientific research station, national engineering technology research center of the silkworm cocoon industry, and a national development sub-center for silk processing. Xinyuan Group has established an innovation incentive mechanism, enhanced cooperation with colleges and institutes, achieved breakthroughs in engineering technology and achievement promotion and also realized fast industrialization of innovative technological achievements. Xinyuan Group has given full play to the diffusive effect of national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, established a business pattern for cocoon silk industrialization featuring “enterprise + university (research platform) + brand + base (sericulture farm and sericulture cooperative) + peasant household”, enabling silkworm raisers to increase their wealth. The group also complies with development regulations, positively cultivates new-pattern business entities, respects the role of sericulture cooperation entities and forges an industrial base.

Xinyuan Group has not only set up a sericulture demonstration farm in Hai’an but has also promoted the construction of mulberry fields and the development of silk enterprises and increased wealth for silkworm raisers. By popularizing industrial technology and a new development mode, Xinyuan Group has played a diffusive role in driving the development of silkworm bases and enterprises in the east-central-west regions. It also plays a role in optimizing production structures, constructing a new socialist countryside and facilitating rural prosperity and poverty alleviation.