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Tongchong Haitai chamber of commerce building

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2018-07-19

Covering an area of 26,000 square meters, the Tongchong Haitai chamber of commerce building, built in 1920, is located at No 44 Taowu road in Nantong, in Chongchuan district’s jurisdiction.

The Tongchong Haitai chamber of commerce was one of the earliest business associations in China. It was first located at the old district and removed to Taowu road with the thought of developing a new district.

The main building is located in the north and faces south. It sits along the central axis formed by the porch, lobby and conference hall. On the two sides of the axis, there are some office buildings. The total floor area is 4,707 square meters. Designed and constructed by famous architect Sun Zhixia, the main Tongchong Haitai Head chamber of commerce building is a representative building of Nantong, which is renowned as the first modern city in China. The building is recorded in History of Chinese Architecture and Chinese Architecture in the 20th Century as a great example of absorption of the essence of Western architecture and an excellent contemporary structure. In May 2013, it was included in the seventh batch of national major historical and cultural protection sites by the State Council.