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Dynamic Nantong stepping up to serve Shanghai's industry

By Li You China Daily Updated: 2018-07-16

The city in East China's Jiangsu province is establishing itself as a gateway to the nearby metropolis.

The city of Nantong, just situated 90 kilometers from the mighty metropolis of Shanghai, is dynamically paving the way to serve and integrate itself with Shanghai's industry.

Located in eastern Jiangsu province, it features a 203 km coastline running along the Yellow Sea. The Yangtze River also flows through it, giving the city a 166-km riverbank.

The Nantong city's government recently released an overall plan for building the city up as the northern gateway to Shanghai - to reflect the country's and Jiangsu's requirements for regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta.1-1.jpg

Last year, the city rolled out a series of infrastructure measures, highlighted by the construction of what it designated as the "Three Ports, Three Districts and Three Bases".

According to city officials the Three Ports refer to Nantong Port, Xingdong International Airport and a so-called cyberport cluster of internet-based businesses.

The Three Ports project eyes infrastructure, supporting construction of an international navigation center in Shanghai, as well as comprehensive reform of harbors in Jiangsu.

Leveraging Nantong's strategic port location, it will continue to employ the resources of its deepwater sea ports and deepwater channels along the Yangtze River.

Apart from serving Shanghai, Nantong will also seek to expand its role in connecting southern and northern China by constructing a cluster of harbors in the north of Shanghai, key airports in the north Yangtze River Delta and an information exchange platform in eastern China.

The Three Districts projects, meanwhile, emphasizes development in synergy with the surrounding city clusters, combining various factors involved in production and innovation.

Harnessing the resources of Nantong central district, the Tongzhou Bay demonstrative zone and the Yangtze River estuary, the city plans to develop the district - to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. It will revitalize the demonstration of the industrial district in Tongzhou Bay to create a lifestyle and healthcare technology district at the mouth of the Yangtze.

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